“Mike’s a terrific interviewer” – Senior Content Strategist, Philips Healthcare
“You can’t teach what Mike does” – VP Global Brand & Marketing, Xerox

I came to the business from the theater where I started directing at a young age. I studied it formally in graduate level classes and started applying it in many events for my first clients. I studied directing in graduate level classes and have staged events for clients including Xerox, Audi, McDonald’s, Philips, Abbott Labs and the YMCA.

After writing videos for many years, a producer suggested I start directing. Since then, I’ve directed dozens. They have been in a variety of styles but my favorite is in a people-centric documentary style that is unscripted.

I do my homework and know my subject and participants. I interview and really listen while they respond. Then I edit it all together into a story that is honest and emotionally engaging.

Click below for some samples.

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