“One excellent speechwriter” – VP, General Manager, Audi of America

One of my favorite things is to help others become better communicators.

As a speechwriter, I love helping to shape ideas and craft language that enables a presenter to engage and move an audience. No two presenters are exactly alike and I feel my strength is in working with individuals to match their personalities and styles with a message that is a natural fit.

I also enjoy looking beyond the words. I have often said, “if you make all your points with PowerPoint, you make no points with power.”

That’s why I also focus on how a script can best integrate graphics, media and other support to enable the presenter to truly make their points with power.

Whether I am working with a presenter for whom I’ve written or, as is often the case, I am hired as a Presentation Coach, I also focus on helping the presenter to be comfortable and natural. Here, I feel my training and experience as a stage and video director is a plus.

It’s been said that speaking in public is the most common fear. That may be true but it has been my experience that the fear is easily overcome by learning some basic skills in preparation, awareness, body language, TelePrompter technique and a few more. Whether it’s been in front of an audience of thousands, a room full of prospects, or a single customer, I’ve been able to coach executives, salespeople, engineers, physicians, and just regular folks how to overcome their fear and communicate confidently.

Executive Speechwriter/Coaching Clients

Audi of America – CEO US and Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Executive Panels
BMW of America – CEO U.S and Senior Management, Sales, Marketing, Design, Operations, Aftersales, Dealers, Salespeople, Executive Panels
Toyota of America – Sales, Marketing, Operations


Frito-Lay – Senior Management
Gillette – Senior Management- U.S. President, Sales, Marketing, Division Leaders
McDonald’s – 3 CEOs, CFO, COO, Division Presidents, Regional Managers, Franchisees and Managers, Ronald McDonald
Pepsi – Senior Sales and Product leaders

Insurance/Financial/Real Estate

Coldwell Banker – CEO, Management team
Century 21 – CEO, Management Team
Prudential Real Estate – CEO, CMO, Sales Leaders
Government/Public Affairs
U.S. Department of Defense – Office of Secretary of Defense/Joint Chiefs of Staff
National Cable & Telecommunications Association – CEO, VP Public Affairs, Cable Leaders


Abbott/Abbvie – Sales Leadership Team
AstraZeneca – Division Presidents, Sales and Research leaders, top sales people
Bayer – US Leadership – Sales, Marketing, Product Managers
Pfizer – Sales Leadership, Product Managers, Chief Science Officer


Cablevision Systems – CEO, Division Presidents
ESPN – CEO, Sales leaders, VP Programming
MTV Networks – Channel Presidents, Programming Executives
Executive Speeches, Business Theatre, Comedy, Original Lyrics


Canon – US Leadership
IBM – Sales and Technical Leadership
Otis Elevator -- CEO
Xerox – 2 CEOs, U.S. and EMEA Leadership, CMO, PARC CEO, Research and Engineering Leadership, Sales rep Role-Play

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