“Mike comes up with the answer before the rest of us think of the question.” – Senior Account Director, Partner Agency
“An essential part of our marketing” – VP, National Marketing, McDonald’s

It’s all about connection.
If there’s anything I’ve learned in the course of three decades experience, it’s the importance of connecting with an audience -- not only intellectually but also emotionally. Clear communication of the client’s messages is just the beginning. Certainly, it includes bringing surprise and “wow” using words, images, music, performance and technology. But it is also something more. Something deeper and emotional that connects in the language of the heart. That only happens with a real understanding of, and genuine affection for, our audience. I never think of an audience as “targets” to be “sold.” They are real people to be inspired and moved.

That means I have to be a great listener. First to my client’s needs but then I take the time to get to know the people who will be watching, listening or reading. It could be salespeople, customers, executives, physicians, franchisees, dealers, press, analysts, voters, you name it. -- who will be watching, listening or reading. The result is that I get personally connected so I can help my clients create a story that will connect personally.

My background is as a writer, director and actor with roots in live theatre, so many people know my work from large-scale McDonald’s, Pepsi, State Farm, ESPN, Toyota and other events that use theatrical techniques and performance. Others know me for my Event and Brand Activation work with Auto, Pharma, Financial, Public Policy or Technology clients where my work has focused on developing a messaging strategy and executing it with speechwriting, direction and writing of videos, customer experiences, digital and print support and maybe a touch of appropriate theatricality.

Whatever the execution, clients and colleagues have told me over the years that what differentiates my projects is how every component is integrated into a unified story.

I believe every scene in that story, whether it’s an Executive’s speech, a product reveal, a video, an interactive segment, a comedy sketch or an inspirational performance is an opportunity to create a transcendent moment of real connection. Creating these moments are my favorite thing to do. (I was surprised and delighted to hear that a director of an event on which I was not a part demanded of the show creative team, “we need a ‘Mike Meth moment’ here!”)

I would be honored to help you create connections with your audience.

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